How To Deal With Google Rank Drops

At the very beginning, we must identify the reasons for rank drops in order to handle them. Let us go through some common factors that result in dropping the ranks. Recent updates by Google like Panda, Penguin and the mobile friendliness algorithm update has affected the number of rankings of websites directly.

Manual or Algorithmic Penalty Rank Drop is one such reason which has a huge effect on your rankings. This is usually a big drop in rankings, which happens overnight. Algorithmic penalties occur due to a release of a new algorithm. You have to be in touch with the new updates by Google, in order to observe a penalty after an algorithmic update.

You can go through the Google Webmaster Tools account and look for notifications from Google regarding manual actions they’ve taken against your site. You have to identify exactly what has harmed your site and if it is on-page, you need to reconsider your content and linking. You have to check for duplicate content, unnatural and broken links and take necessary steps to fix them. If possible, follow the Google webmaster guidelines to achieve better rankings.

You are not the only person in the industry. Therefore you must be strong enough to handle and face the competition. You should be able to provide the users with more benefits than the competitors. Google will look into successful sites and reduce their rankings. If you fail, your competitors will take the advantage.

The industry is becoming competitive day by day. Many businesses are using online websites to promote their products which have brought more complexity to modern businesses with the evolution of technology. Nothing is going to be served on a plate unless you thrive to get your portion from the industry.

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