What is Google Penalties?

Google tries to provide the most relevant and accurate search results. From its point of view, any website that tries to manipulate the search results is eventually harming the Google products. Google would not be a success if it gave a negative experience to the users.

A Google penalty means if your site is or no more on search results or your ranking for your targeted keywords has dropped gradually. If your site gets a Google penalty, your target audience wouldn’t be able to find you. Eventually, when you are invisible to your users, your traffic and revenue drops

It is familiar to any website. A Google penalty can be a result of well-intended effort to improve your site’s rank. But if you receive a Google penalty by any chance, it isn’t an easy task to get back your good ranking.

A Google penalty is the product of a highly evolved, growing algorithm that Google utilizes to crawl and inspect websites. Some specific actions result in immediate penalties handed down by a Google employees; there are others not publicly advertised, or some that can lead to a reduction in rankings that happens over time. It is to protect Google from websites trying to outsmart it, or further manipulate its results.

Google penalty removal isn’t an easy task. There are two kinds of penalties as manual and algorithmic.

Google employees manage manual penalties. They’re received mostly when your website is found to be arranging something upon Google’s Terms of Service. It may include a virus infection, cloaking, or buying links.

On the other hand, an algorithmic penalty happens automatically, without manual intervention from Google. These are often the result of an algorithm change designed to rank websites of value higher than those with weaker content or relevance.

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