Effects Of Google Hummingbird Update To Local SEO

The Hummingbird update was introduced to the market in 2013. This update was designed with the aim of improving Google’s semantic search capabilities. Google Hummingbird has lowered quality of search results. This update was designed to help Google respond by understanding intent and context.

Content is meant to go beyond the keywords. It needs to provide what the users want. Many localized organic results are appearing for generic keywords.These localized results benefit small businesses. Many pages that appear have thin content.

Some regional directories are achieving high rankings, and also they are achieving very high visibility. Authorship has been separated from places due to the Hummingbird algorithm. Even small businesses can earn both organic and “pack” search results if they are well optimized. This is a great opportunity for them.

Many local search “packs” are shown in the 4th position, especially for generic local searches. This helps both regional and national directories to compete with the local search results.

It is a well-known fact that small businesses always get lower rankings than the national directories. To improve the websites of small businesses and get more ranking, they need to work on their SEO strategies. The Barnacle SEO Strategy helps businesses to get a higher ranking by attaching their website to a larger, trusted website.

When local SEO is improved businesses can get an idea on which customers to target and how to achieve this target audience. They can get benefitted from the customers who are around their business. New updates are being introduced to the market, and each update affects the SEO. Whether it is going to be favorable or not depends on the ability of the SEO strategy of the company.

Therefore the businesses must implement suitable strategies to face such situations beforehand.

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