Effects Of Google Panda Update For Local SEO

The Google Panda was first released to the market in February 2011. The Google Panda algorithm is a ranking algorithm which prevents “low-quality sites” coming on the top and bringing “high-quality sites” on the top.

Since its release and updates, many sites were affected by their ranking and traffic. Low-quality content harms your site and brings down your rankings. Then you will not get visible in the local search results easily. It will limit the local users from seeing your website on the top of the results.

When you get low rankings, you will not be able to maintain a good traffic. Even the users look for quality content which can give an exact idea for what they are looking. If you are not up to the standards, then you will lose your place in the market.

Many new firms keep entering the market day by day. Each firm practices its own promotional and SEO strategies to stand among the rest. The quality of the content of a website is what matters more than the number of pages. If you can provide exact relevant information from even one page, then you are successful.

If you have no idea of how to prove your rankings, then you can look into Google webmaster guidelines which will help your SEO strategies. Panda update can even affect your visibility on Google maps. It will make you unknown to the local users. As a result, you will lose an entire local population. You can improve the design of your website and make it more attractive for the visitors, which will help you to improve the traffic.

The algorithm will be kept updated, and new algorithms will be introduced. Therefore you have to be ready to stand steady on any such change.

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