What is Google Mobile Friendly Update Algorithm Update?

Google kept releasing new updates in the past few years to provide better user experience. Now we will see what this latest update is. On the 21st of April 2015, Google released a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm which was designed to provide more mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. Many websites were going mobile friendly with the development of technology, and therefore the number of sites that got affected by this technology is very few.

Now searchers can easily find high-quality, accurate and relevant results where the text is more readable without zooming it, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling. Since the number of mobile users is growing day by day, so is the tendency of mobile searches. Companies always try to be on the top three of the ranking results. The mobile searches have already passed the numbers of desktop and laptop searches, which proves that people are more likely to use mobiles to access the internet. So there arise the need of more mobile friendly sites.

Now let us see how and on what does the new update affect. It affects only the search rankings on mobiles, search results in all languages around the world and applies only to individual pages, not the entire website. The main aim is to provide the users with better experience in mobile searches and improve the ranking of the sites.

Google keeps releasing new updates to uplift user-friendly sites, and if you are not, then you aren’t too late. You can follow the Web Market Florida guidelines given by the Google and turn your site into a mobile-friendly one. If your site’s pages are not mobile-friendly, there may be a huge decrease in mobile traffic from Google Search. To avoid this, you need to make your site mobile friendly.

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