Effects Of Google Possum Update To Local SEO

Google has done some recent updates of algorithms which have a huge effect on SEO strategies. The possum update is one such algorithm update for Google’s Local Search results. This update aims at providing more accurate local search results for the users. With this update, many local businesses were able to get listed in the Local Search results, like Google Maps making Local SEO more competitive.

Now let us see what changes the update has brought upon the local SEO.

Local SEO results change according to the physical location of the user. In mobile searches, the physical location is determined by the GPS location of the user while in desktop devices they use the IP address location. Even a smaller change in the location will vary the local search results. The further the distance of the business and the physical location of the user, the lower are the rankings.

With the possum update, the user can experience keyword variation results more than before. Silimar types of keywords are given different search results after the new update. The exact match’ keywords have turned into more like ‘phrase match’ keywords, which makes Local SEO even more competitive.

It is believed that there are two different local search algorithms as a result of the Possum update. One is for Local Map results, and the other is for the organic listings. Earlier the businesses outside the city limits were not among the rankings, but now they appear in the local search results. Many companies are enjoying high ranking due to this, but it has brought more competition on ranking than before.

Before the Possum update was introduced, local algorithm filtered out listings that shared a domain name or a phone number. But now after the Possum update, a new ‘filter’ has been applied to the algorithm to include the addresses.

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