Effects Of Google Mobile Friendly Update To Local SEO

Google’s mobile friendly algorithm update was announced in 2014 and finally rolled out in April 21st, 2015. Google will look for your website’s usability, page load speed, and mainly how it appears on mobile devices to ensure searchers get the best results when searching on their mobile devices. This update was inevitable because many people are now searching using their mobile phones rather than desktops.

Therefore websites must be mobile friendly to make it convenient for the users. If you have gone through a mobile-unfriendly website, then you might have had the worst experience! Low-quality websites which are not user-friendly got their rankings dropped after the introduction of this new algorithm. Users prefer sites which are fast and gets loaded quickly. Therefore websites must make themselves more competitive than the users.

Unlike the past, the mobile searches had exceeded the number of desktop and laptop searches. Because of this reason, it requires the businesses to make their sites mobile friendly. The number of mobile users is growing day by day, so the companies always try to be on the top three of the search results. This is because of the lower their ranking, the lower is their visibility. Many users may not even notice that the links at the bottom of the page.

Mobile searches enable the users to access the search engines at any time and from any place. Many users have used to Google the information they need by using the mobiles. For this, the websites must make themselves user-friendly. If not they will lose their rankings and their place in the market. This is only just one update done to satisfy the users. Websites must be in touch with the Google webmaster guidelines to attract more customers.

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