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By Web Market Florida SEO Staff

Customer Expectation in SEO

What are customer expectations in SEO?

So I am talking with my partner and I told him I wanted to write an article on “customer expectation in SEO”. What was his reaction, “please, please don’t scold the clients” and I ask him “why should I scold them? To which he said “well, you know, don’t say they don’t understand or that their budget for what they ask is not realistic.” True, that did pass my mind. Nevertheless, that is not what I want to write about.

For both clients and experts to be successful, there must be a certain degree of confidence between the two sides.  It is not I am right he is wrong deal. It is a matter of education and perseverance. Perseverance in understanding that every new field that hits the market has its growth period, and that is the case in the SEO world. You, the expert, have to arm yourself with dignity and pliability. These two elements are needed to provide the lead in issuing on an individual basis the information, detail; understanding and insight required for the client to have trust and complete buy-in into the process.

As a business or individual client, you will not spend money on something that you are not familiar with and can’t discern if it will work or not. Unfortunately, when it comes to search engine optimization there is just no guarantees, but how do you tell that to a client? If the client seeks the services of the right SEO company, such as Web Market Florida, they will get the information they need to make decisions. The client will then be given the realistic customer expectation in SEO based on their needs. The client needs also to do the right thing, they must listen and evaluate with an open mind understanding that he/she is talking to professionals that want nothing more than their success.

This is REALITY, SEO as a promotional and brand building medium is here to stay. Furthermore, the facts are favoring this new player in the marketing medium more and more as attested by the last poll by ‘Nielsen Global AdView Poll Q1 2012”:

As businesses and consumer start to gain confidence in the economy, they are also viewing advertising and promotional budgets to fit their competitive needs. As displayed in the Global AdView Pulse chart. Internet spending had the biggest growth of all media. Spending shows a whopping 12.1 percent more than the year before. This trend shows a double-digit growth for the next decade.

What happens to the business or consumer that fails to understand the change of the times?

It is simple and not very complicated, they will be left behind, why? You will ask. Of all the reasons that we can give there is a powerful one (not that it’s more relevant than the others), the older and relevant the website is the more “authority” it will have. Google loves “authority”, it amounts to credibility of the brand. Besides “authority” there is a second component that is not talked in many articles related to SEO, and that is “the programming (HTML) of the website.

Some customers come to a website that someone else has worked on and has bugs, a website with a template that is not adequate for what the customer wants or a website that does not have proper “wireframing” ( page schematic or screen blueprint). In these cases, the degree of difficulty will determine the time needed to fix the basics, and that folks could be anywhere from 4 to 40 hours, just for that. The customer must be made aware of the complexities of working on a website in order to gain an appreciation of the skills, experience, creativity, knowledge and studies required to be a professional in the field of SEO et al.

The customer will be well served by knowing that there is NOTHING SIMPLE OR EASY in the construction, assembling, editing or preparation of a website for SEO. This field required well study individuals that can provide the required results, no matter what, for the customer. Anything can be accomplished in the digital world but nothing is easy, and it DOES TAKE TIME AND PERSEVERANCE.

To fulfill customer expectation in SEO, the customer must FIRST do his/her research, hire a reputable company and ALLOWED TIME because nothing that is done quick will reap long term results and for that matter it will certainly not have strong staying power. In the long run, the customer will reap the rewards if it is done right. Caveat Emptor, don’t ever, ever expect a cheap price to accomplish great results, that doesn’t exist, and we all know that. If the customer wants quality work with high skills, then be prepared to pay. Now, let’s be clear I am not saying that the customer should go for off-market prices but rather that the expectation should not be to go cheap and expect the best, that won’t happen, that’s reality 101.

Nielsen has conducted studies that give us an insight into what makes the digital marketing dissimilar from traditional media mediums (radio, TV, newspapers, magazines ETC …)? – These are some of the basic understanding that a customer must have to evaluate the worth of his/her investment in an internet campaign:

  •  Companies will be able to reach a greater number of clients to stimulate services and products.
  •  Professionals in the marketing field will be able to gauge the management of their commercials and their marketing strategy.
  •  Online-Advertising enables you to have a demographically pointed audience, where you can target users based on their gender, age, and geographic region.
  • Tracking tools allows companies to examine and quantify the conversion rate of the campaign, even if your marketing strategy does not reach the estimated ROI, it could be working correctly without the need to launch an expensive campaign.
  • Internet Marketing is affordable in comparison with traditional media. In addition, traditional ways only run for a short term while search engine optimizations deliver long te  results.

Furthermore, Advanced Web Ranking has issued a research showing fresh data on the click-through-rate from Google’s organic search results. The data was taken from Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries reports from large accounts back in July 2014. On average, 71.33% of searches resulted in a page one Google organic click. Page two and three get only 5.59% of the clicks. On the first page alone, the first five results account for 67.60% of all the clicks and the results from 6 to 10 accounts for only 3.73%.

One more detail, Google is now constantly changing its algorithm that makes ranking unstable. In one way, one day you could be on page one the other you might drop a few pages. There need not be the reason for concern the answer is to have an Florida SEO Company like Web Market Florida handle your organic marketing and ranking needs. The constancy of the evolution of Googles algorithms required frequent attention to every successful site optimization. Be alert, be wise, and most of all warn!

By Web Market Florida SEO Staff

Small Business Marketing Consultant

Florida: Small Business Marketing Consultant

Why Every Small Business Needs a Good Marketing Consultant?

Every year, thousands of small business marketing consultant entrepreneurs setup an enterprise in the hopes of hitting jackpot in Orlando, but only a fraction of them can meet their goals.

Do you know why? –Most of the small business marketing consultant focus on gathering momentum in the nearby local areas and do not understand the importance of using local SEO Florida. Soon, they realize that the local market is not enough to give them the revenue growth that they were anticipating and need the help of  a company such as Web Market Florida to create an appealing online personality. If you require to get an unprecedented edge while keeping your customers at the forefront, then it is time to hire a small business marketing consultant. The consultant can provide SEO Expert Florida direction and advice to help grow your objectives.

Our company will help you define and point a sound growth strategy in conjunction with our company so that your website and on ground employees speaks the same language and communicate the same message. At Web Market Florida,we would help you identify a suitable target audience to start the promotional campaign and would also help you to expand on the audience set once the campaign gathers pace.

Is vital to ensure that you gain favourable search results due to search engine optimization using keywords. It will not only keep you on top of the search result page but top of the mind as well. Please feel free to reach out to our SEO expert Florida for a free quote and complimentary analysis of your enterprise and its growth prospects along with a comprehensive report summarizing your regional competition. This report would be a great asset to start your journey and to expand your marketplace eminence and gain the much-required competitive advantage.

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Orlando Marketing Events

Why Orlando Marketing Events Matters

Events marketing have taken a new shape in the modern world. Organizations are starting to depend on companies that engage in event marketing. This is in an attempt to ensure they get the very  best out of their campaigns to increase profit by boosting sales. However, to acquire the best results, it is crucial you identify the best event marketing company. An ideal company for this role should have adequate experience and be knowledgeable with the audience psyche. Orlando Marketing Events is an ideal event marketer for organizations that target a return on their money invested.

Event marketing is generating an excellent atmosphere and ensuring that the audience goes home with some experiences to talk about. Top events marketing companies do provide target audience with some tangible tokens like t-shirts with the company logo. This will not only settle well with the audience but also acts as other means of advertising the organization.

A professional and well season event marketing firm understands its target audience and enables them to turn the audience into real prospective buyers of the product. Doing research about your target group will help attract only those with genuine interest in the product.
At Orlando Marketing Events, we utilize the most modern and ideal technology for a particular event.

We will never play down the importance of having the right marketing technology for an event. We use modern state of the art applications in our interaction with the audience. We also have the equipment to make our events marketing a success. We make use of PowerPoint slides, audiovisuals, graphics, projectors,  as well as 3-D imaging.
The success of events marketing depends on how accessible the targeted audience is. This is an important function of event marketers. At Orlando Marketing Events, we first decide the events location with our objectives being maximum number of people. The timing of an event is also a factor that might make or break the success of the event.

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What does CDN stand for?

What does CDN stand for?

What does CDN stand for? CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a technique focused on supplying the Internet content to users in a dispersed and faster way. Web content Delivery Networks accomplished this by having many web servers, each containing duplicate copies of material and dispersed around the globe in various areas.

The servers are spread geographically to secure that the material commonly located near to the end user network station compared to the web server upon which the internet website happens to be kept. Typically, not all web content from a website is distributed making use of a CDN. Images, audio, and videos are the traditional kind of material that are carried out using a web content distribution network.
Among the advantages of executing a content delivery, network is that your organizing server could invest even more time refining your site demands while the CDN sends out the supporting multimedia out to your individual base.

Before joining a content delivery network, there is a need of taking into consideration whether you really need it particularly as many of the networks charges for delivering your material (nevertheless, some are totally free).

What does CDN stand for? Among the myriad uses of CDN, we need to keep in mind that it will not always give your site the rate boost you could expect. If your site is experiencing sluggish load times (use Google Web Designer Equipment) there are lots of elements that require to be thought about like; are your documents tiny or are they large? Is your multimedia content large? Do you have a bunch of server-side handlings? Do you own a safe and secure website? Do you need to consider shifting from an organized Internet service to a devoted web server or VPS? Should you move your whole site to a cloud hosted carrier?

One more vital element is to think about your site visitors– are they geographically diverse? Otherwise, it might be useful considering organizing companies that have holding centers better to your readership.

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Web Design Norfolk

Web Design Norfolk

The concept of web designing has been around for many years and with the demand for internet marketing rising, its importance has significantly increased. Many established businesses are finding it hard to make progress in business using the traditional market setting. However, online marketing has considerably played a role in developing high-performance websites for these companies, by that expanding their market reach. There are more companies offering web design services, but to find a reliable one is an enormous task.
Developing a website is quite a tricky task that should n’t be undertaken by inexperienced people. Online market usually has a lot of potential if done right. However, you will have to fight off competition from other companies. To manage this competition, it is necessary for you to possess a website that is easy to navigate through, approachable and is user-friendly.To have a website that fulfills all these factors, technical support is vital. Web Design Norfolk is among highly reliable companies dealing with web design that will help you attract potential customers to your site.

A website works just like a shop that displays your goods and services. For a website to give an ideal display, it must be designed with a clear message that is in line with company objectives.Highly intensive models tend to give a negative impression to the client.Creating a website is an undertaking that solely lies in the hands of highly trained and experienced web designers. A reliable web design professional will always pay attention to your site specification requirements so as, not to leave any detail unattended to.
Creating a website is the first step toward achieving success in your business. So that it is crucial that the task be done by a top web design professional.Web Design Norfolk will reliably set a website for your business that will take your online marketing to a new level. So you will enjoy an all-round web design service that will boost your business.
We at Web Design Norfolk are fully committed to not only attract all your potential customers but also give your website a professional outlook. We offer a full package of web design service at an affordable price.



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