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We provide job seekers a platform to place their resumes to ensure that companies might assess the best candidates which will fulfill their criteria. A job posting on our website will be the medium for recruiters, companies, administration or human resources staff, to place an advertisement produced to alert present job seekers of an instant or future job opening. You are able to post temporary jobs, summer time internships, and part-time jobs. We offer all kinds of job posting solutions and our expert group will assist you in posting your jobs. Our business provides discount packages which will meet your needs; Social Boost, Resume Boost and Featured Job Upgrade are integrated among the discounted packages. We have an automated system named Candidate Resume Increase that matches the candidates that meet your criteria. The formatting and size of a job notice depends upon a number of components, including the job type, space accessible, price to post and employer preferences.

Act As A Job Board

Our business allocates your job posting in well-liked college-oriented job sites, as well as in national job sites and job aggregators that have traditionally achieved well for candidates that are entering the market to seek a positions. With our distribution strategies, your current posting’s project will be robotically monitored around the clock to ensure that you’re in a position to get capable applicants with much less effort. We place your job posting on relevant career channels like Twitter, based on the job type and location; your posting also will be viewed on Facebook by way of targeted advertisements.

We provide the most efficient and price effective solution accessible today for employers to evaluate possible candidates. Your Job Posting account will be reviewed within one business day along with and a notification will be sent by way of e-mail. We have a skilled team that’s accessible to provide any information that you might require to post. Hence, when the requirement to employ qualified candidates for the company to fill a specific job arises, contact us.

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