How SEO Has Changed With Google Possum Update

Everytime Google introduces or updates an algorithm; it has some kind of effect on SEO. The Possum Update by Google has made SEO totally unpredictable. Rankings and traffic are what businesses mainly chase behind in SEO, in order to stand unique and attractive among the others. What might happen if there is a drop in your rankings or traffic? After the possum update was introduced many websites that had ranked so well for so long had lost traction and saw a dip in their rankings.

This recent update basically has affected businesses located right within a city and businesses located in the suburbs and other surrounding areas. If the business is located within the city limits or closer, then it has a higher ranking possibility.

The Possum update gets a search engine user’s IP address into account when generating search results through a laptop or desktop. This ensures that most searchers get accurate search results. Many searches are done using mobile phones, and this enables to give accurate search results by obtaining the user’s search location. Mobile searches enable the use of GPS which helps to get the actual location of the user.

There is a variation of keywords after the update. Same keywords can be used to provide different results. A filter is applied to the same location in order to avoid more than one listing in the same place. Before the update businesses found it difficult to appear in the rankings. If you are not among high rankings, then you are most probably out of the industry.

Google keeps introducing more updates to increase the quality of SEO. The updates might affect businesses both positively and negatively. It depends on how well prepared they are and whether they follow Google webmaster guidelines.

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