How SEO Has Changed With Google Hummingbird Update

The recent update of Google, Hummingbird, was first released in August 2013. Hummingbird algorithm is made up of more than 200 factors that can affect ranking and search. The Hummingbird algorithm is designed to mainly focus on the meaning of a phrase, rather than individual keywords. It is because many people now use their voice in mobile searches, rather than typing.

Hummingbird reflects this new approach to search, bringing results based on the primary phrase search intent, the interrelation of words and the geographical location.

If your website is of quality content, then Hummingbird will make no difference. Hummingbird is also a good thing for content writers as long as the content being produced is worthwhile. The algorithm is intended to help get rid of irrelevant content and spam. Hummingbird and all of its parts are made up of things that can affect rankings.

Some regional directories are getting both high rankings and also high visibility. Authorship has been separated from places due to the Hummingbird algorithm. Even small businesses can earn both organic and “pack” search results if they are well optimized. It is a great opportunity, after the introduction of the algorithm.

Many local search “packs” are shown in the 4th position, especially for general local searches. It helps both regional and national directories to compete with the local search results.

Google tries to give the best experience for the customers. Therefore it keeps introducing new algorithms and updating existing ones to satisfy the customers and provide a better user experience. Mobile internet is a vast area that’s only now coming into its own. Google is all set to respond to voice searches performed on smartphones.

Some keywords and phrases are being concerned. The best gets the higher ranking and traffic.

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