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Customer Expectation in SEO

What are customer expectations in SEO?

So I am talking with my partner and I told him I wanted to write an article on “customer expectation in SEO”. What was his reaction, “please, please don’t scold the clients” and I ask him “why should I scold them? To which he said “well, you know, don’t say they don’t understand or that their budget for what they ask is not realistic.” True, that did pass my mind. Nevertheless, that is not what I want to write about.

For both clients and experts to be successful, there must be a certain degree of confidence between the two sides.  It is not I am right he is wrong deal. It is a matter of education and perseverance. Perseverance in understanding that every new field that hits the market has its growth period, and that is the case in the SEO world. You, the expert, have to arm yourself with dignity and pliability. These two elements are needed to provide the lead in issuing on an individual basis the information, detail; understanding and insight required for the client to have trust and complete buy-in into the process.

As a business or individual client, you will not spend money on something that you are not familiar with and can’t discern if it will work or not. Unfortunately, when it comes to search engine optimization there is just no guarantees, but how do you tell that to a client? If the client seeks the services of the right SEO company, such as Web Market Florida, they will get the information they need to make decisions. The client will then be given the realistic customer expectation in SEO based on their needs. The client needs also to do the right thing, they must listen and evaluate with an open mind understanding that he/she is talking to professionals that want nothing more than their success.

This is REALITY, SEO as a promotional and brand building medium is here to stay. Furthermore, the facts are favoring this new player in the marketing medium more and more as attested by the last poll by ‘Nielsen Global AdView Poll Q1 2012”:

As businesses and consumer start to gain confidence in the economy, they are also viewing advertising and promotional budgets to fit their competitive needs. As displayed in the Global AdView Pulse chart. Internet spending had the biggest growth of all media. Spending shows a whopping 12.1 percent more than the year before. This trend shows a double-digit growth for the next decade.

What happens to the business or consumer that fails to understand the change of the times?

It is simple and not very complicated, they will be left behind, why? You will ask. Of all the reasons that we can give there is a powerful one (not that it’s more relevant than the others), the older and relevant the website is the more “authority” it will have. Google loves “authority”, it amounts to credibility of the brand. Besides “authority” there is a second component that is not talked in many articles related to SEO, and that is “the programming (HTML) of the website.

Some customers come to a website that someone else has worked on and has bugs, a website with a template that is not adequate for what the customer wants or a website that does not have proper “wireframing” ( page schematic or screen blueprint). In these cases, the degree of difficulty will determine the time needed to fix the basics, and that folks could be anywhere from 4 to 40 hours, just for that. The customer must be made aware of the complexities of working on a website in order to gain an appreciation of the skills, experience, creativity, knowledge and studies required to be a professional in the field of SEO et al.

The customer will be well served by knowing that there is NOTHING SIMPLE OR EASY in the construction, assembling, editing or preparation of a website for SEO. This field required well study individuals that can provide the required results, no matter what, for the customer. Anything can be accomplished in the digital world but nothing is easy, and it DOES TAKE TIME AND PERSEVERANCE.

To fulfill customer expectation in SEO, the customer must FIRST do his/her research, hire a reputable company and ALLOWED TIME because nothing that is done quick will reap long term results and for that matter it will certainly not have strong staying power. In the long run, the customer will reap the rewards if it is done right. Caveat Emptor, don’t ever, ever expect a cheap price to accomplish great results, that doesn’t exist, and we all know that. If the customer wants quality work with high skills, then be prepared to pay. Now, let’s be clear I am not saying that the customer should go for off-market prices but rather that the expectation should not be to go cheap and expect the best, that won’t happen, that’s reality 101.

Nielsen has conducted studies that give us an insight into what makes the digital marketing dissimilar from traditional media mediums (radio, TV, newspapers, magazines ETC …)? – These are some of the basic understanding that a customer must have to evaluate the worth of his/her investment in an internet campaign:

  •  Companies will be able to reach a greater number of clients to stimulate services and products.
  •  Professionals in the marketing field will be able to gauge the management of their commercials and their marketing strategy.
  •  Online-Advertising enables you to have a demographically pointed audience, where you can target users based on their gender, age, and geographic region.
  • Tracking tools allows companies to examine and quantify the conversion rate of the campaign, even if your marketing strategy does not reach the estimated ROI, it could be working correctly without the need to launch an expensive campaign.
  • Internet Marketing is affordable in comparison with traditional media. In addition, traditional ways only run for a short term while search engine optimizations deliver long te  results.

Furthermore, Advanced Web Ranking has issued a research showing fresh data on the click-through-rate from Google’s organic search results. The data was taken from Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries reports from large accounts back in July 2014. On average, 71.33% of searches resulted in a page one Google organic click. Page two and three get only 5.59% of the clicks. On the first page alone, the first five results account for 67.60% of all the clicks and the results from 6 to 10 accounts for only 3.73%.

One more detail, Google is now constantly changing its algorithm that makes ranking unstable. In one way, one day you could be on page one the other you might drop a few pages. There need not be the reason for concern the answer is to have an Florida SEO Company like Web Market Florida handle your organic marketing and ranking needs. The constancy of the evolution of Googles algorithms required frequent attention to every successful site optimization. Be alert, be wise, and most of all warn!

By Web Market Florida SEO Staff

Marketing For Small Buisness

Marketing For Small Business



Marketing For Small Business in Florida face crippling challenges when it comes to finding lucrative ways to increase their customer base. Web-based promotions play a significant role against this obstacle to the enterprise growth and corresponding revenue growth.

Meeting your enterprise requirements would need an efficient strategy for any small business based out of Florida. The step to take is to employ the reliable services of a local  Florida SEO company. Search engine optimization would expand the Web presence of your local Florida enterprise multi fold, and Web Market Florida would help you in this regard.

In order to have a Marketing For Small Business, we need to ensure that the website look and feel is attractive while the content is precise and engaging. While you may try putting together the website yourself, engaging the services of Web Market Florida group would ensure that you get it right the first time. If a few potential customers rate their web experiences as bad on your website, then no amount of Web traffic gained by virtue of  local SEO Florida can help you in establishing a marketplace niche for your brand.

In the commercial world, there is always the option of not doing anything, but reality dictates that without a healthy web presence, your days in today’s cut throat competition are counted. Our company is preparing and equip with a professional team to communicate your value proposition to new clients as well as keeping your existing customers engaged.

Meet Web Market Florida to get better Marketing For Small Business and we promise you that you would not regret your decision, in the marketplace, our brand is known for serving our clients with distinction. Our company will make sure that we bring the same attitude and value for you. Florida is a big market, and we would help you to capitalize on the target audience as well as extend out to new markets. Feel free to reach out to us for a free analysis and quote.

By Web Market Florida SEO Staff

Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet Marketing Consultant in Florida


Ask any Florida business owner, and they would tell you that this region is a thriving economy but requires a robust promotional strategy if you want to ensure the long-term sustainability of your business model. Hence, procuring the lucrative services of Web Market Florida with its Internet marketing consultant team is necessary if you want your business to flourish in this marketplace.

Beat the Competition

Regardless of your company domain you would always be up against stiff challenge due to Florida being the melting pot of opportunities and entrepreneurs. Engaging the services of a Florida internet marketing consultant company would help you to gain a niche marketplace advantage.This benefit will be acquired by the virtue of a rock-hard business strategy and SEO techniques. These two elements will establish a strong web presence, and a thorough analysis of your competition by using our expert professionals at Web Market Florida agency.

Product Evaluation & Visualizing New Products

Our company would also help you in constantly evaluating your product line and would assist you in visualizing new product lines and take them right from the drawing board to execution.We have a committed team of professionals who are in sink with our client and are also available for reporting at the customer’s location.Our company has a reputation of keeping ‘Quality at the forefront’, with best internet marketing consultant established due to our dedication and commitment to maintaining the welfare of our client over selfish profits.

Avail our Services at Competitive Prices

We offer competitive rates and the web marketing offerings at Web Market Florida outweigh the corresponding offerings by any other marketing agency in the Florida area. We also use advanced data analytic to ensure that we use the right keywords across all your promotional material as well as website to attract potential customers while making a strong first impression.

Allowed our company to provide a free consult and analysis of your business in conjunction with a comprehensive quote and business plan to take your business to the next level.

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Social Media Definition

Social Media Definition

Social Media is a range of internet based tools and systems that enhance and increase the sharing of data and info readily among individuals. This brand-new form of media makes the transfer of content, pictures, audio, video clip, and details fast amongst internet users. Social Media has connotations not just for routine internet customers, but business specialists as well.
Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have created online areas where folks can share as much or as little individual information as they want with other participants, that is social media definition. The outcome is a substantial quantity of information that can be easily shared, looked, advertised, disputed and developed.
Social media tools and information sites such as Digg, Delicious, Reddit, as well as countless others,  makes locating particular info, graphics, or websites significantly accessible. This is done, by appointing or “identifying” individual sites with searchable words.

Programs that have developed within and around these platforms, internet sites, and devices are endless in number and performance, but all make internet sharing as well as content searching much easier, despite their distinct niche. As almost every type of business has an association in the non-digital globe, so does the web provide an endless variety of niche social

Communities where members can connect to a particular topic. Topics both fundamental, and concrete now have living platforms on the net.
The vital concern always being reviewed by a growing variety of social media “experts” is how to use the unrestricted amount of details and data available.This data accessibility comes from social media sites for business advertising, social content, as well as who sees exactly what. One point is for sure; personal information from social media usage will continuously be tracked and logged for the park of any business. These companies have to be willing to pay for it, and also any firm that does not purchase social media now will indeed be taking catch-up in the future. We trust that we have answered what social media definition is.

By Mac

Identify the Best USA Web Designing Company

One of the Best USA Web Designing Company in Florida

USA web design company for the best website designs. The Web design is a multifaceted process that requires the expert hands and the creative minds of competent web designers. The future of any online business, today is by a large margin pegged on how best the website is designed. The journey to a professional site starts by contracting a competent USA web designing company, but it is not easy. There are far too many so-called specialists who have unfortunately shattered many people’s dreams of owning sleek and responsive websites and running successful online business, which is why you have to be very careful.

So, how do you spot the best USA web designing company?

A reliable USA web designing company exhibits various feature, which you should watch out for when searching for a company to build your site. To start with, the agency should possess a rich portfolio that it will proudly display to whoever is interested. How else can you measure the competence of a USA web designing company other than base on the number and nature of previously completed projects? Don’t be in a rush to contract an SEO agency  lest you end up being duped by a quack.

A dependable USA web designing company believes in the work of its experts. This is best reflected in the cost of the service; they are neither cheap nor expensive but affordable, giving you value for money. If you come across a USA web designing company that charges pretty low (you can compare rates from different companies) offers, you have every reason to be afraid; cheap is expensive you know.

It is also essential to remark that any USA web designing company worth its salt should have some complimentary services that will jump start your online business without any delays. Ideally, find a USA web designing company that also offers copywriting or search engines optimization. That is however not mandatory but very necessary.

There, you have it; next time you contract a USA web designing company, do it right for the best services.



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Social Media Definition
Identify the Best USA Web Designing Company