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By Web Market Florida SEO Staff

What is needed to Start a Small Business

 What is needed to start and keep a small business

There is not one business person that at one point has not thought of “What is needed to start a small business” to go on his/her own, having the dream, being independent and having a business. Oh, boy! But are the odds against us. So much is written about the three year itch, period that experts say most business go kaboom. But it doesn’t stop at three years how about within five years? It’s still a big possibility that your business will not succeed. So what to do, do I plunge in to fulfill a dream, an idea and in some cases, a need?

Reality of What is needed to start a small business; well it depends who you are. Let me explain. There are certain traits that you need working at its maximum level “all of the time” and one of them is not, necessarily intelligence.

Which are those traits? Brace yourself emotionally and pay attention because if you do not embrace these elements of success you’re in for a rough ride and possibly for a depletion of bank moola. Are you ready, here we go with the twelve Apostles of business success:

  1. Constant check of emotions – No place for pity, feeling sorry or crying. Even if you have a partner, you’re alone and no one, but yourself will get you out of the deep.
  1. Persistent – You have to go, go, go, go, can’t give an inch of doubt. Yesterday was yesterday today is a new day! This is your mantra your core believe. Don’t look back, better days are in front of you.
  1. Alert – You have to be in the know constantly, it is not just about the physical or intellectual demand of the business, it’s about being a journalist. Be inquisitive, curious, and studious of your trade or business field. Get to know as much as you can, on a daily basis, about your competition, association and networking.
  1. Networker – Ah, not a choice! You either do it or risk failure.
  1. Wise – Listen, listen and then, listen. Learn from other people and think how their experience can be applicable to your arsenal of risk avoidance and astute investment.
  1. Stubborn (at times) – Now, this is tricky, too much of stubbornness is ill advise but an ounce of it, well, is needed. Mix with persistence, at times, stubbornness is needed to get your emotions in check. I am not advocating for you to be stubborn against reason, which might be serve by wise people or by logic, but rather for you to stay focus and in line with the plan.
  1. Dream – Why not, isn’t dream what keeps all of us hopeful, visionaries, with energy to overcome the impossible. Dreams are define the following way:

A successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

Folks, dream! It can become the oasis that we need throughout the journey.

  1. Insecure – Don’t go into the venture feeling that you know it all, that you are better than anyone else in your field of choice because YOURE NOT! Go in with humbleness, with a student mind set and at the same time knowing that you have something to give, it is a balance act.
  1. Who has your back? – Someone has to believe in you, support you, give you hope and strength, someone.
  1. 24 hours and seven days of pure adrenaline – Starting a business or even keeping up with it is a perennial expedition and one that will never end, that is if you want to succeed and stay alive.
  1. Do not, do not borrow!! – If you can avoided don’t get in dept., start small, and be realistic and never idealistic. When it comes to staying solvent you need adequate levels of funds to cover your personal and/or family expenses. Be responsible and evaluate what funds you’ll need to get the business going or keep the business in the black and at the same time keep your personal live in financial check.
  1. You are on your own, do you understand! – It is a lonely universe been the owner, captain of your own business, it is definitely, without doubts, an emotional burden with ups and downs, peaks and valleys, so be warn and stay the course.

There is no doubts that to answer “What is needed to start a small business” you must be passionate, smart, knowledgeable of the field you have chosen, have enough funds to invest and keep yourself solvent; all “a given” if you are to survive. But the twelve Apostles of success are components of a person’s make-up that no one seems to mention or propose when addressing the tools needed to succeed in business. These Apostles you learn as you go. I wish someone would have mentioned them to me, I would have been better prepare, equipped to manage “self”. It would have given me a depth an insight of what anyone going into his/her own business MUST DO, IT IS NOT A CHOICE OR A “OH, WELL, I HAVE SOME BUT NOT ALL; GUYS, YOU EITHER HAVE  IT ALL OF THEM OR DON’T GO INTO BUSINESS! 


Do you really get What is needed to start a small business As much as we all tend to think that we have great talent, knowledge and charismatic personality the fact is we all need a strong foundation that will allow us to reach success. So, where do I start? Well, like I said let’s stick to the facts.

Fact Number One:

We are in a digital world which allows you to reach media sources that can benefit your enterprising efforts in ways that 15 years ago you couldn’t.

Fact Number Two:

Gather a budget that will allow you to keep your present living standards (for you and your family) and will not stress you out for the first year. Don’t believe does that advocate to have enough funds for six or eight month, it just doesn’t work. If you have to wait another year or two to have the adequate funds, wait.

Fact Number Three:

Draw an outline of what business model you want to have for the business. Once you have the outline, draw a business plan and follow it like an architect follows his blue print.

Fact Number Four:

Seek the services of an SEO/Graphic Design Agency. Make them part of your team. Explain what you’re looking to do and they will provide a budget that is realistic to your needs. If the budget is too high then you might have to reconsider what you want to do.

Every business needs to be immunize from the word go and that means having an adequate funding for your internet/digital presence. As mentioned on Fact One we are in a digital world and old media (TV, Magazines, Billboards, Radio, and et al.) was not and is not necessarily affordable by a startup business or even a small successful business with five years of operation. Traditional media was, well, and still is, expensive. But today digital options are extremely affordable and ROI, for the dollar invested, extremely impacting. The following chart gives you actual comparisons for each of the communication medias.


As you can see the cost variance from the traditional media to the SEO/Digital option is vastly different and one option that, in today’s business environment, is not only achievable by any budget but necessary. Many businesses decide to go and create a free website but is the site “Working for your small business” is it a tool that you can use to “Grow” your business? These questions need to be answer as you create your business model/plan. Your competitors are as tough, smart and dedicated as you; but, they might have the marketing savvy and insight that you might opt to bypass. Don’t make the mistake of indulging into erratic marketing mistakes, the fact is that if you want to inject clients into your company then you must have an internet site that is dynamically position and that keeps up with the changes on the internet.

Why the need of SEO to start a small business

 Technology Marketplace for SEO

One of the challenges of the term SEO is that relative to other communication Medias it’s new (18 years, by some count). It is one still fragmented and immature. It has been only in the last eight years that we have seen credible and professional metrics and some other sources that provide highly technical tools to manage the SEO process. In order to provide a clear view of this nascent industry let’s take a look at some numbers that will give us a better understanding of why so, so many people are still in the dark of how powerful and affordable this medium is. According to Forrester Research (one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world) SEO technology marketplace will be roughly $640M USD in 2016. However, I believe that he number will be surpass by the Social Management Technology which shows a sharper curve than just SEO Technology. According to the numbers the market was sized in 2012 at $389M US and is due to grow to $970M US by 2016.



What to extrapolate from this facts? It is obvious that these new emerging world of digital connection with a brand is the way to go now and from this point forward.

Start and keep a small business by marketing with SEO

 Risk takers, that is who we are when we start a small business or even when we stick to it for years to come. So now how can we leverage the power of this SEO medium (mobile, social and online website marketing) to make my brand recognized, my services known and provide an influx of clients that will ascertain my success.

SEO Marketing in a small business is rather important and business owners need to plan well before they take serious steps into the venture. If the conditions permits that a business owner begins a new entrepreneurial undertaking, he/she needs to include marketing concepts, in the business plan. The marketing concepts need to be affordable and in line with the forecasted budget. Of course the way to go is with a medium that will provide an effective ROI for each dollar spent. As shown there is no better medium than an SEO Marketing campaign.

What is needed to start and keep a small business brand relevant and competitive in the market is:

  1. Professionally Design Website Wireframe - *1
  2. Professionally written content
  3. Social Media Websites
  4. Video Content
  5. Mobile Website Friendly
  6. Photos of your work
  7. Testimonials
  8. Always remember the twelve Apostles

In the second part of my article “What is needed to start a small business“we will cover more insight into the SEO Marketing Tool and more statistical facts. These statistical facts will give you a good and comprehensive knowledge of the SEO Marketing Tool as a vehicle to initiate or increment a sound client base for your business.

By Web Market Florida SEO Staff

Marketing Ideas For Bars

Marketing Ideas For Bars in Florida

These days, the marketing of the bars has changed a lot that it used to be before and, as a result, the bars now don’t only rely on the yellow pages. They need proper research on Marketing Ideas For Bars along with implementing new Marketing Ideas For Bars to Succeed. Therefore, it has become really important for the bars to cultivate their online presence by embracing the internet marketing techniques with the help of Florida Seo Expert For a Bar. The reason behind is that, people now take the help of the search engines and the consumer review sites to find out the local bars and to decide which one is worth of visiting. So, they only favor those places, which have a strong online presence like on Google Business, bing Places or in any review sites which helps people make quick decision.



So, if you run a bar in Florida and want to enhance its popularity online, then there are some effective Marketing Ideas For Bars that you can implement.

  • Stay updated: Keep yourself updated all the time on the details like the present trends, statistics, facts and figures that can assist you in analysing the plan of marketing your bar online. All this can be achieved by hiring an Advertising Agency having expertise in promoting the Bar
  • Have a functional website: Can your local customers locate your bar online? Ensure that they can. A well-optimized website can do all the things that you need to do to make your business successful on the web. If you haven’t created it yet, create it before your potential customers find your competitors. Take help of an Advertising Agency For Bar like Web Market Florida to design a creative and mobile friendly website for you.
  • Take part in the local SEO practices: The websites are not meant only for the biggies. Now the local small business owners also realize the power of implementing effective internet marketing strategies. Call Web Market Florida the SEO expert for a Bar who can guide Florida Bar Owners  to promote a bar in cost effective way.
  • Get a social media presence: Last but not the least, strengthen the word of mouth marketing with an interactive and interesting social media presence. Besides, you can also create good advertising campaigns by taking our help. This way, you will be able to reach to the targeted clients and keep them engaged and informed in a better way.

By Web Market Florida SEO Staff

Marketing Ideas For Restaurants

Marketing Ideas For Restaurants from WMF



No one likes going through the telephone directory to find the product or the services they want and this stands correct for Florida Restaurants or Orlando too. People prefer taking the help of search engines, simply because this method is more efficient and easier. Search engines take all the pain to filter and bring up the most eligible restaurants for you.



The Must: Be on the first page of major Search Engines

As, the dependence on the internet is increasing, it has become essential for every Restaurant owner in Florida, Orlando or any part of country to have a good web presence along with keeping a close look at Florida competitor Restaurants.It is one of the best Marketing Ideas For  Restaurants Just having a website never guarantees a visibility. For better web presence and visibility among your targeted clients you have to be on the top of Search Engine Result Pages of major search engines along with implementing new Marketing Ideas For Restaurants.


On-page SEO and Local SEO is the Key

SEO Experts especially those who have expertise of promoting Restaurants like Web Market Florida, a Florida Seo Company focuses on Local SEO and On-page SEO along with applying all Marketing Ideas For Restaurants. Restaurant is successful when it is famous among local people and that is what Local SEO does for a restaurant. The main aim of Local SEO is to promote a restaurant on local search results related to restaurants in any area like people living in Florida will search for “Best Thai Restaurant in Florida” and people living in Orlando may search for “Indian Restaurants in Orlando” and our job as an Seo expert For Restaurants is to bring the Website of our client running a restaurant to the top of SERPs resulting in more and more awareness of the restaurant among the local people.

Whereas on-page SEO tell the people about the restaurant, the owner, the chef and the staff. The role of On-page SEO is not just to bring the restaurant on the top of SERPs but to tell people about what the restaurant is offering, why people should come to this restaurant and what kind of ambiance they will get after coming here and more. SEO Experts for Restaurants do not work in isolation but try to make the experience of a visitor on a site of a restaurant a better one. On-page SEO tells the people about restaurant and on other hand Local SEO helps keeping the restaurant connected with the local people on regular basis. Whether you introduce a new dish or recipe, or are offering something exciting your first guest would be local people and their level of interaction will decide your success.

We at Web Market Florida always work towards enhancing the experience of the viewer resulting in converting of a viewer into guest in restaurant.


By Web Market Florida SEO Staff

Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Real Estate Marketing Ideas By WMF

The Florida real estate owners market has always been regarded as a gold mine with the caveat that if you do not pitch your services to the internet marketing based target audience, your chances of being in this field for long are rather slim

We as an Advertising Agency and SEO Expert can help you in promoting your Real Estate

Thousands of  searches are done related to Real Estate, Real Estate Agent and Property in Florida and we as an Real State Marketing Company can help you promote your properties and Real Estate Agency on Internet by providing new Real Estate Marketing Ideas.




Logo Design

Promotions starts with a recognition and any business is recognized by it’s logo. We offers impressive and creative Logo designing.

Website Development

Online promotion starts with an impressive Website Development and we as an advertising agency For real estate having expertise in promoting Real Estate with good Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Florida real estate owners we design an SEO friendly website which will not only tell about you and your real estate company in an impressive way but also interact with reader resulting in maximum conversion.


We as a Florida Seo Company perform comprehensive research to ensure that we can deploy our expertise with search engine optimization and build differentiators for our clients. We have many years of experience helping Florida based real estate owners by utilizing our expertise and creating  Real Estate Marketing Ideas. We always use white hat techniques to promote real estate website on search engines. Our real estate marketing experts always perform keyword research analysis, competitor analysis and search trend analysis to achieve the maximum out of the SEO efforts.


Pay Per Click Camapign

Pay Per Click like Google Adwords is one of the best tool to reach to your targeted clients when they are searching for the related services. Our real estate marketing experts always work on right keywords and optimize the campaign for the best results and cost per acquisition (CPA). Our Real Estate Marketing Ideas not only work towards promoting your real estate site but also keep check on the on-site activities of the user to provide better experience to the user, resulting in increased conversion.


Social Media Optimization

Being on social network helps you gain popularity among your customers and getting a strong referral clients. We as and SEO Experts for a real estate can help you create a popular brand among your targeted clients.

By Web Market Florida SEO Staff

Restaurant Marketing Ideas By WMF

Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Advertising Agency having a experience in online marketing can help you promote your Restaurant among your targeted clients

New and innovative marketing ideas always work and can keep your restaurant busy. A good Advertising agency for restaurant helps you in framing online marketing strategies and providing you with innovative Restaurant Marketing Ideas to stay ahead of your competition.

Local SEO: Connect with your local clients

Be it a Google Business or Bing Places, all is a part of Local SEO and  SEO Experts can help  Florida Bar Owners  by telling How to Market a restaurant and  even optimizing your listing thus helping to reach you to the clients searching for restaurant in their area. Using features of Google Business or Bing Places, you can not only be visible to the people searching for restaurant in your area but also pull them to your restaurant by floating some offers or by introducing some new dishes.


Virtual Tour

Seo Experts For a Restaurant are aware that people love to know where they are going and so They always recommend various Restaurant Marketing Ideas like adding a virtual tour and images of the restaurant to the site. A good Advertising Agency having experience to promote Restaurants and Florida Bars have an expertise to use these simple features to gain the maximum benefit which results in pulling more and more visitors to your restaurant.


Let your Clients Know You

Florida SEO Expert can help to clients explore better Restaurant Marketing Ideas. This creates a bonding between you and your guests. A transparency builds a long lasting relationship which a advertising agency can explore resulting in a life long engagement.

Promote Sharing

SEO Experts having expertise in promoting Restaurants not only help you in promoting you restaurant on search engines but also give you tips to promote your guests to share or leave a review for your restaurant. This will help you reach more people and gain reference.

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