WordPress Installation & Customization

Theme Customization

We are specialized in WordPress installation and customization since the beginning of WordPress CMS. Tested over 3000 wordpress related plugins. We have 10,000’s of wordpress theme ready to be installed.


We are capable of creating customized plugins for our clients requirements. All of our WordPress Installation Services come with Installed plugins such as; Slimstat, All-In-One-SEO, Wp- Cache, and Sitemap generator etc.

Admin Panel

WordPress CMS do have a user friendly back-end admin panel. Our developers will be adding the plugins and the necessary tools for your requirements. We will also provide a complete training in managing your WordPress admin panel..

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Responsiveness 95%
Customization 90%

If professional WordPress design templates are not suited to your requirements, don’t be concern because you’re not alone. Web Market Florida is always ready to help you in meeting all the requirements for your website.

A custom WordPress website installation is able to take away the “one template design fits all” giving the feel that WordPress themes can offer. We work intimately with our customers in promoting their own brand and design elements into their website while ensuring their presence across the digital medium. Recently, a wide range of solutions related to WordPress are coming from web hosting set up to web site management. This can be the only service you will ever need to keep-up with all the fast changes in internet setting. We have a strong team of skilled and creative developers that provide the vision for effective web development, while providing the latest technique to each of our clients.

If you want WordPress Installation & Customization, you must accomplish this in an effective and proper way. Our team is eager to support you regarding WordPress Installation & Customization according to your requirements. We are able to choose the most suitable plugins for you and modify it as required. We will assist you in choosing the hosting services for you such as Content Delivery Network (CDN) which has a robust quick loading feature. Every premium theme requires key customization making it unique in the internet. We customize WordPress themes on the basis of the services that you provide to the market. Suppose you deal in the garment business, our experienced team will ensure all the necessary components germane to your business on your website will be available. We will provide the best suited WordPress customization services according to your company logo as well as graphic design and other important issues.

Have An Idea ? We're Here To Help You Manage Your Work

We are experts in installing the proper and essential WordPress installations ensuring that your website structure runs efficiently. Plugins gives you the opportunity to manage your blog easily and also helps your visitors to get timely updates of your blog. Plugins also provides you with technical components like content backup which is crucial to the security of your blog. Having a website that is not dynamic and properly structure is a waste of money, you have to promote it. In promoting your website we have the services required to activate a robust presence of your site in the world wide net. We will provide to you a complete marketing suite of services such as PPC (Pay Per Click)SMM (Social Media Marketing) and Google Adwords which are effective medium of promoting your site and reaching your targeted audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective and dynamic way of promoting your business. Our in-house SEO experts will ensure the effective application, on a timely basis, of this most important process. Web market Florida is here to bring your WordPress blog and website to a wholly new level. We are able to skillfully adjust and edit the content of your website to make it relevant to the constant evolution of the search engines. We have a professional team of WordPress developers who have the passion for customer service and perfection, while securing the best probable solutions for each of our customers. Our products are hand-crafted and coded line by line according to our client’s requirements. Our team will give full support in changing fonts and colors, they will also create custom headers and logos, if need. They will also customize template elements and plugins according to your needs. Our team will install some necessary plug-ins by default like Anti-spam plug-in, as well as Social Media Integration plug-ins and visitor tracking and many more important plugins for your business.

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